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Tech Lab Steam is an animated video services company that aids businesses to distinguish their content and apprehend their marketing and social media appearance to the next level. We prioritize customers’ needs and create public-friendly animated videos that are appealing to the target audience. Our video animation services validate how your product/service is the answer to your target market’s needs and establish trustworthiness in your brand over competitors in just 60 seconds!

Our Portfolio

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Animation Process

We breakdown our animation process in 7 simple steps

1- Brief

To make sure you get the most out of your video, we’ll need to know your needs better. Therefore, we will send you a summary document that you must complete. It’s a short survey that lets us understand your company’s needs and the project you plan to implement.

2- Script

The key to a successful video is a unique and compelling story. We now know what you are doing and how to turn it into an effective script that conveys your message effectively and reaches the people you want to get when it matters.

3. Storyboard

Once the script has been approved, we’ll begin making the first concepts used in your video. Then, if you’re pleased with the animation style, we’ll create a storyboard detailing the animation’s visuals scene-by-scene.

4. Voiceover

Your video should be speaking to viewers. To achieve that, you need the right voice over. We’ve compiled a list of voices to pick from by gender, age, and region accents.

5. Animation

Then everything begins to take form. After the storyboard, script, and voiceover are approved, we can start the animation and add music or SFX. Then, you can relax and unwind!

6. Approval

We’ll provide a link for the initial edit, and you can choose to go through it and give any feedback. We offer unlimited amendments, so don’t fret!

7. Delivery

After we’ve made final adjustments to your animation, we’ll send it to you in the HD 1080p MP4 file ready to download. If you require assistance determining the best location and method to host the file, we’ll gladly guide you in the right direction!

Tech Lab Steam is an IT Company that provides top-notch digital solutions offering interactive services that are specialized and digital-focused.

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